New York City Services

Due Diligence


We provide due diligence & property research for all types of buildings and projects. We obtain copies of approved plans & documents and forward them to our clients in digital format.

Consulting Services


We provide Building / Zoning code consulting for all NYC projects. We review the design professional's drawings to ensure it complies with NYC codes prior to submittal. This minimizes the examiners comments and streamlines the approval/permitting process.

Municipal Filing & Approvals


We file all types of applications, such as, NB, Alt1, Alt2, Alt3, Demo, BPP, Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Place of Assembly, Curb Cut, LAA, Subdivision, LNO, etc. We handle all other agencies, such as, DCA, DEP, DOF, DOT, FDNY, HPD, LPC, OER, Parks, etc.

Violation Research & Dismissal


We research open violations, provide representation at the Environmental Control Board (ECB) hearings and file Certificate of Corrections (COC) with  Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU).

Sign Offs


We review and monitor the projects after the permits have been issued to ensure that the close out requirements are being completed along the way so the final certificates can be issued.

Certificate of Occupancy


We obtain the Letter of Completion (LOC), Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) and/or the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) at the completion of the project.